Couples in Michigan who have not been getting along for a while may understand that divorce may be the answer. However, there are some other subtle signs that predict divorce that some people may not recognize. The following will discuss some of these so couples can identify them and start making changes to improve their relationship.

PsychCentral talks about the behaviors that marriage therapists identify as the main divorce predictors. These include:

  • Contempt – the most serious of the predictors, this refers to nonverbal behavior, such as sneering, using sarcasm, calling the other names or rolling the eyes, that attacks the other’s self-worth
  • Defensiveness – examples include yes-butting, whining, counter complaining, acting like the victim or making excuses
  • Criticism – going after the other partner’s character or personality to make them wrong and under attack
  • Stonewalling – this is when someone shuts down or walks away to avoid conflict, and this sends a message of smugness, disapproval, distance or disconnection

According to Prevention, there are additional signs a couple may recognize that indicate the relationship is not going well. These include drifting apart and neither caring. This is often seen in the forms of spending less time together or having no communication.

Another is that one partner does not care about the other’s feelings and, instead, focuses on him or herself exclusively. Another sign is when one partner dreads going home and avoids it as much as possible.

While some arguing and fighting in a marriage is normal, fighting all the time about non-important things is not a good sign. This is usually a way a couple acts out instead of discussing the root of the problem.

Experts say that when couples are able to identify these signs, the marriage can turn around for the better. It takes work from both partners, however.