If you ever find yourself accused of federal charges in Michigan, we at Bazzi Law, PLC may be your best line of defense in fighting for your future and securing your freedom. An accusation alleging your involvement in any felony offense is a serious matter. As reported by the Detroit News, a federal grand jury indicted a pharmacist here in Dearborn Heights for allegations relating to fraudulent claims for prescription drugs. If convicted, the one-time member of the Michigan Board of Pharmacy may face severe penalties.

According to the charges, the pharmacist was involved in defrauding health insurance plans for payments since 2011. The Wayne County resident allegedly used the two local pharmacies that he owned to overcharge prescription drugs for patients who were prescribed controlled substances for sedative and anti-psychotic reasons. He purportedly received substantial amounts in unwarranted reimbursements from Blue Cross Blue Shield, Medicaid and Medicare for filling patients’ prescriptions.

Federal agents raided the man’s pharmacy located in Dearborn Heights and took away several boxes containing materials that may be used as evidence against him. If any of the charges result in a conviction, the pharmacist’s punishment may include a lengthy prison sentence, significant fines and restitution payments to the insurance carriers. It is nonetheless up to the prosecutor to demonstrate beyond any reasonable doubt that the accused was involved in the alleged illegal acts. A charge, however serious, may not necessarily lead to a conviction when a strong and aggressive defense is presented.

It is important to understand that you may have options in the legal approach to your defense regardless of the crimes you are accused of. Our page on federal criminal defense matters in Michigan provides more information that you may find helpful.