Getting divorced in Michigan is difficult, but the issue becomes compounded when there are children involved. Many children react with shock and anger when divorce is announced, and it is important to understand how to mitigate this situation. Fortunately, many children end up more resilient at the other end of divorce, assuming that it is handled well. According to Kid’s Health, one of the most important things to keep in mind when getting divorced is how to handle the relationship with your ex-spouse.

No matter how difficult the relationship is with your ex-spouse, you need to remember that this person is still your child’s other parent. This means that negative comments about your ex-spouse need to be kept to a minimum. While it is certainly understandable that you may need to vent negative feelings, it is important to keep this to appropriate audiences. Even if your children are teenagers, it is vital to stay neutral about the other parent in conversation. If the parent in question is truly delinquent, the child will figure this out on his or her own.

While your mental health is important too, negative comments about your ex-spouse need to be limited to trusted friends or a professional therapist. Speaking negatively about the other parent in front of the wrong audiences could have long-lasting impact on your children.

Another important thing to keep in mind is ensuring that routines stay as consistent as you can make them. It is important to try to keep children in the original home if at all financially possible. If you cannot keep children in the original home, at least try to keep them in the original school district so that their routine is not disrupted.