The E-2 visa is for those who are immigrating to the United States to do work. According to US Citizenship and Immigration Services, the E2 visa is very helpful for business people, particularly entrepreneurial types of individuals who have the intention of setting up a business in the United States. It is also beneficial for those planning to buy a business, for example, a franchise, a hotel, a restaurant or something of that nature.

The E-2 visa is covered because it is quick and it facilitates you in terms of getting your operations going. You can have it indefinitely in the United States, so long as you are conducting your business there and it is going along. So, for example, you can get your E-2 visa within a month or so if you organize all the paperwork and get everything ready. This is from the time you submit to the time that the E-2 Visa is granted to you.

Normally, the requirements are that you are investing in a business of some sort. You should incorporate a company in the United States. You should open an office and probably get a phone and a fax line for the office. You should maybe set up a website. Also, open up a bank account for your company at one of the banks. Another thing you should do is to register with the IRS. Also, do a business plan with five year projections of income and expenses for your company.

However, the most important precondition is investing a sum of money significant enough that it can be considered a real investment or an honest investment in your business. That amount will likely be enough to carry on the business in the future.