Providing Strong Representation In Driver’s License Appeals Hearings

Your life can change dramatically after you lose your driving privileges. It is difficult to get to work and complete everyday tasks on your own without a license. Fortunately, you do have legal options that can limit the length of your suspension or revocation.

Presenting your case before the Driver’s License Appeal Division (DLAD) is one of the first steps you need to take to restore your license in Michigan. When your privileges are on the line, it is critical that you present a strong case. Our attorneys at Bazzi Law, PLC, know how to win appeals, and we are ready to help you.

We Are Ready To Defend Your Interests

Each of our attorneys is able to represent you in the appeals hearing. We have secured favorable results for drivers who have had their licenses suspended or revoked after:

  • Accumulating too many points on their license
  • Causing a serious car accident
  • A drunk driving charge
  • A criminal conviction

When you hire us, we will help you design an effective argument using convincing evidence that may include:

  • Drug screens
  • Documentation supporting drug or alcohol abstinence
  • Letters of testimony written by qualified individuals
  • Your testimony

Our lawyers regularly advise commercial drivers, young adult drivers and experienced drivers after they have lost their privileges. Whether you need to appear before the DLAD, you can count on us to provide strategic counsel after a criminal matter or accident. We are also able to assist you with driver assessments and other driving-related legal concerns.

Talk To Us About Getting Your License Reinstated

Bazzi Law, PLC, maintains offices throughout southeast Michigan. Arrange your no-cost appeal assessment to meet us in Dearborn, Novi or Plymouth today. You can reach us online or over the phone at 313-978-0000.