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Many green card holders dream of becoming a naturalized citizen and receiving the benefits this status provides. Unfortunately, it can take years and legal know-how to make this dream a reality.

The naturalization process is complicated and often overwhelming for applicants to handle alone. With our lawyers’ assistance, you can feel confident that all your naturalization concerns are handled effectively. For years, Bazzi Law, PLC, has obtained positive results for our immigration and naturalization clients across southeast Michigan.

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What Is The Difference Between Naturalization And Citizenship?

Individuals born in the United States or born to United States citizens receive a U.S. citizenship certificate. Individuals born outside the country whose parents are not U.S. citizens must successfully apply for citizenship through the naturalization process.

When you become a naturalized citizen, you receive many of the same rights and legal protections native-born citizens. Even if you are a legal permanent resident, you know these protections matter.

Guiding You Through All Stages Of The Application Process

Our legal team is dedicated to helping you navigate this complex process efficiently. We charge reasonable legal fees for our comprehensive services which include:

  • Determining whether you qualify for naturalization
  • Identifying government forms you need to complete and helping you complete them
  • Identifying other documents you are required to submit
  • Preparing you for interview questions and the citizenship exam

Our attorneys practice criminal law, in addition to immigration and naturalization law. This background helps us overcome legal hurdles that you may face, whether you have been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony offense or have an arrest record.

Not all immigration attorneys have experience with crimmigration issues, but we do. You can depend on us to use this insight to design a plan that suits your unique situation.

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