Use The Law To Protect Yourself From Injury And Harassment

If you been threatened, abused or harassed, you may feel powerless to protect yourself. With the right information, however, you can take steps you to defend yourself and your loved ones from these aggressive acts. In Michigan, individuals fearing for their safety can file a petition for a personal protection order (PPO).

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What You Need To Know About PPOs

A PPO is a type of restraining order that prohibits the respondent, or the person receiving the PPO, from talking or interacting with the person requesting the PPO. If the respondent violates the terms of the PPO, he or she can receive serious fines and jail time.

In our state, there are different types of PPOs, which include:

  • The ex parte or emergency order
  • The Domestic Relationship PPO
  • The Non-Domestic PPO for stalking
  • The Non-Domestic PPO for sexual assault

Your circumstances will determine which type of PPO to file. If you need to take immediate action, you can file an ex parte order, which allows you to receive a PPO without a hearing and without informing the respondent that you are filing an order.

When you share your story and your concerns with us, we will help you identify the PPO that provides the best protection for your situation. Our lawyers have filed numerous PPOs on behalf of our clients, so we can guide you through the process and help you prepare strong evidence for your petition. We will stand by your side as you file your petition so that you do not have to face the court alone.

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