Helping You Receive Fair Child Or Spousal Support Terms

In Michigan, unmarried parents and divorcing spouses can petition the court to receive financial support orders for their children or themselves. If you are not familiar with the process for calculating and requesting support, petitioning for these orders on your own could hurt your financial future.

You do not need to handle this important legal issue alone. At Bazzi Law, PLC, our legal team is equipped to help you. Our lawyers have represented many families and individuals in Dearborn and the surrounding area. We can secure favorable results because we have a vast understanding of family law matters and legal procedures.

What Support Orders Are Available In Michigan?

All parents, divorced or unwed, are responsible for financially supporting their children. State formulas determine the amount of money each parent must pay according to a range of factors including:

  • Parental responsibilities regarding custody and visitation
  • The number of children who need support
  • Each parent’s income

The state formula establishes a base level of support awarded. Judges can use their discretion to increase this amount if a parent can show that this support is not sufficient due to unique circumstances.

Unlike child support orders, former spouses are not required to pay spousal support and maintenance, commonly known as “alimony,” to exes in Michigan. Adults may petition to receive long-term spousal support or interim support to cover expenses during divorce; however, it is up to the family court judge to determine the amount of the payment as well its duration.

Representing yourself in these matters can cost you. It is wise to invest in an attorney’s services when your financial welfare is at stake.

Prepared To Advocate For You In And Out Of Court

Our attorneys thoroughly prepare for support negotiations and court appearances. You can depend on us to create a strong case for you, whether you are requesting more support or challenging a support order.

We also represent clients seeking back payments for child and spousal support. We are ready to use the law to secure the support payments that you deserve.

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