Defending Your Parenting Rights During Child Custody Negotiations

When parents are divorcing, it’s often their children who are most affected by the family breakup. If you are pursuing a divorce, you can take steps today that limit the impact your marriage dissolution has on your children’s well-being.

Our lawyers at Bazzi Law, PLC, work with parents who are concerned about their children’s ability to move forward after a divorce. Our attorneys are ready to help you find effective solutions for all issues that arise during this process, including negotiating and securing fair child custody terms. We are eager to use our knowledge to defend your parenting rights and promote your children’s best interests.

What You Need To Know About Custody In Michigan

Custody conflicts can arise between unmarried parents in addition to parents who are trying to end their marriage. In Michigan, parents can petition to receive sole or partial custody in two forms:

  • Legal custody: This gives parents decision-making rights regarding education, health care, religion and other important matters.
  • Physical custody: This determines where the child will live. The parent who receives sole physical custody works with the other parent to create a visitation schedule.

When parents receive partial custody, they are required to share responsibilities. It is critical to work with a qualified family law attorney when you are determining the terms of a custody arrangement and your parenting plan. These agreements will affect your daily schedule, parenting duties and financial obligations.

Important Information About The Child’s Best Interest Standard

Family law judges will not approve a custody agreement that does not satisfy the child’s best interest standard, which can be difficult to understand without a legal background.

Our legal team negotiates for custody terms that meet this standard. We are able to customize parenting plans according to your unique concerns and circumstances. You can depend on us to help you create a plan that meets the child’s best interest standard and encourages your children to transition to the next stage in their lives.

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